Primo Prime Company Limited

The new generation company. Thinks like a new generation but working with experience and high responsibility. Founded from a combination of a team that specializes in technology development, including Website, AI Chatbot and various designs from a team of experts. In addition to development We also have a team that provides online Marketing & Business consulting to help you design a solution that is suitable for your business. Keep your business running professionally.


We have many services for your business

AI Chatbot

Respond to customer chats faster and easier. Help from the beginning until closing the sale. Work 24 hours a day.
Help admins work less.
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Web Design

Website design based on the brand's CI. and create a high-performing website
by experienced designers and developers teamed up
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Digital Marketing 

Taking care of the content marketing planning, content design, advertising shoot, follow-up to the analysis of data to find a way to create a promotional promotion.
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MK Consult

There are specialists who have experience in marketing especially. Become a marketing consultant to help you find the right solution and help your business grow.
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Help alleviate the work of admins.
There is an AI Chatbot that asks and answers with accuracy. Help sell products or services and close the sale without having to reach the admin.

Meet the Team

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UX Designer
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Front-End Developer
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Lettie Sanchez

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Team Details

House Building

UI/UX Desing / Developing
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Traveling Website

JavaScript Developing
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Mountain Journey

Graphic Design / Illustrations
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Lettie Sanchez

Oxygen Customer
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Grid Based Content

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Pricing Table

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Breakfast procuring
(541) 754-3010
1236, Melville Road, Los Angeles, CA 67890
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